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Southern California Certificate Program in

Christian Formation and Spiritual Direction


The goal of the Certificate Program in Christian Formation and Spiritual Direction is to help the student

  • To mature into deeper intimacy and friendship with the Triune God

  • To develop a theology of Christian spirituality by drawing on and integrating insights from Scripture, theology, historical traditions, psychology, and related fields

  • To discover the richness of one’s own spiritual tradition and the gifts and blessings of other traditions

  • To learn about, and engage in, spiritual habits and practices that facilitate spiritual growth

  • To grow in balancing prayer, study, and service and in developing practical wisdom based on Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience

  • To gain experience and skills in providing individual and group spiritual direction in a Christ-centered program and context 

  • To participate in a creative partnership among Christian spiritual directors in the Southern California Regional Networks of CFDM.  


Certificate Program Events and Dates

Year One [Focus on Christian formation and introduction to the art/skills of spiritual direction]

Classes will be held at Little Church by the Sea, Laguna.


2025 Meeting Dates:

  • January 21–24

  • April 8–11

  • August 19–22

  • November 4–7

  • (Retreat dates and Quiet Days to be announced and optional participation sponsored through CFDM)

  • Year Two dates will be announced later.



By arrangement            Monthly retreat Days

By arrangement            Monthly individual meetings with a spiritual director


Year Two [For those continuing, focused now entirely on practical training in spiritual direction]


DATES TBD                   Two three & half-day training events, including a 2-day retreat

By arrangement            Regular meetings with one’s spiritual director

TBD                                Monthly supervision for the direction given

By arrangement            Participation in a network of spiritual directors




Tuition for the two-year program is $5,000.  In the first year [$3,000], tuition covers 14 days of instruction and practicum in a church setting, refreshments/snacks, continental breakfast, and noon meals, faculty resources, one overnight in a retreat setting, administrative costs, reprints, and other materials. In the second year [$1,950], tuition covers 6 days of instruction and supervision and one overnight in a retreat center with food and overnight lodging included, faculty resources, administrative costs, reprints and other materials, and supervision in monthly group meetings for ongoing evaluation and training.  Not included are personal overnight accommodations for the first year for class meetings and other meals, if needed, fees for individual spiritual direction, and monthly personal quiet days. A $500 non-refundable fee towards tuition is due at the time of admission to the program [to reserve a place—space is limited] and tuition for the Program is due in advance on a yearly, term, or quarterly basis, or by arrangement. 

Admission Requirements

Admission is open to individuals [lay or clergy] from any Christian denomination or group who have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and/or have training or demonstrable knowledge of Scripture and theology.  Life experience is highly valued as is awareness of a potential call to be a spiritual director.  Admission to the program is granted when the following steps have been completed:


  • A completed application…  Earlier application is encouraged because the size of a class is limited and may be closed early. $75 application processing fee non-refundable

  • A statement detailing educational background, work experience, Christian journey, involvement in church and Christian service, and interest in the program and in being a spiritual director. 

  • Two letters of reference [one pastoral and one personal]

  • An interview (phone or in person) with one of the Program Faculty/Staff


For more information contact:

Rev. Dr. Care Crawford

To apply, complete the Application and Recommendation forms below

(click on form and save to your computer before filling it out. Re-save and email to

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