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Cactus Plants



If you are interested in meeting with a trained spiritual director, please contact us and we will send some information and contact information for you. Ordinarily a spiritual director receives an honorarium or donation for their services. Usually you will meet once a month with a spiritual director. Email Care Crawford to be directed. 

Click below for more information about finding a spiritual director.


Poetry Place


We invite you to share your original poems with the CFDM community. This season has inspired some of us to express ourselves through poetry. We will post a few each month for inspiration and reflection. Read our selection here.

Please send to Marilyn Crawford.


Book Reviews


Enjoy book reviews written by our CFDM community! Read our selection here.



Visio Divina

Visio- Latin for vision or seeing

Divina- Latin for divine or sacred


In Visio Divina we look at art in all varieties...Paintings, Sculpture, Photographs, Creation, as a way of seeing God and considering personal invitations from the canvas or page or tree.


"What might God be teaching me?"

"What new thing might I see which speaks to me?


Join others today who are finding God’s healing, forgiveness, and love through Visio Divina.

Visit the Visio Divina Vimeo page to watch some Visio reflections which Care Crawford has offered for worship at Bel Air Church.

Keep checking back on our events page for more details of a day with Visio Divina.

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