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We accept tax-deductible donations by mail or online.


Checks can be made out to Christian Formation Direction Ministries
Southern California and sent to:

2122 Midvale Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025

To donate online, see the choices below.

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 Your donations make a difference! 

"Walking with a community of believers for two years in CFDM nurtured my soul and opened my mind and heart to a deeper relationship with God. CFDM started for me as a program but quickly morphed into a journey of spiritual transformation and self-discovery as I learned to draw near to God and seek His presence in my life. Recently retired, I found this program extremely helpful in preparing me for the next exciting phase of my life. CFDM provided me with a tool belt of spiritual practices and disciplines that have helped to form me into God’s image and train me to sit with others in a ministry of companionship as a spiritual director. “

- Karen M.

...When God senses you are ready, you will feel ‘invited’ to spend time with Him in this program. Because I acted on that invitation I was changed internally and my calling for/with Him was clarified. The special life skills and spiritual disciplines you obtain in CFDM can easily become a way of life and influence every interaction you have with your ‘divine appointments.’ It certainly has for me...

- Randy

Our CFDM Southern California faculty was a gift beyond anything I could have expected. Over the course of two years, our cohort was gently led, cared for, encouraged, taught beautiful as well as practical lessons, and prepared to become Spiritual Directors. I’ve learned from my Directees that each of us has a desire to be heard by others.  I feel privileged to enter into such holy ground with them as they grow closer to the Lord and experience the movement of God upon their life. 

- Gretchen

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